Rick Francona

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Middle East Perspectives: 

An Eyewitness Account

He knows the Middle East like few others. Col. Francona is a sought-after speaker, author, television commentator and media military analyst. Fluent in Arabic, he has served the region with the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Throughout the first Gulf War, he served as the personal Arabic interpreter and advisor on Iraq to General Norman Schwarzkopf and later co-authored the report to Congress on the conduct of the war.

Col. Francona has an advanced degree in International Relations with a concentration in Middle East studies. Previously an on-air Middle East analyst for NBC News, he has provided on-air military analysis to CNN since 2013.

Rick is sure to share insightful, up-to-date views on the complex issues facing America’s relations with Middle East nations and the challenges we face as we strive to bring and maintain peace and order to one of the most tumultuous areas of the world.

You will receive perspectives you will find nowhere else, right here in your World Affairs Council of the Desert.

Be sure to book early for what is guaranteed to be a popular event.